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A Fundraising Letter from Friends of Bruxy

Dear Supporters of Bruxy and Family,
If you know Bruxy, you’ll know it took a lot for us to convince him to allow us to write this letter.
You are all aware of Bruxy’s exposed sin and admission of his personal failing.   He was and remains extremely broken and repentant over the decisions he made.  You are also aware of the consequences to their marriage, relationships, and the church because of his extra-marital affair.   

To those close to Bruxy (and/or his family), there are two consequences that seem unjust and almost unbearable for them.  The first is the unimaginable public defamation and hateful accusations they are quietly enduring, resulting in part from premature judgement and accusations based on incomplete or false information.  The second is the financial toll this is taking on them - and not because of the natural consequence of losing Bruxy’s position, but because of the unwarranted criminal charge and therefore massive legal expenses. It feels like kicking our brother and sisters when they are at their very lowest (our words, not theirs).  We are not in denial about the magnitude of Bruxy’s failings, or about the failure of those who released false or incomplete information, but we also believe in the power and magnitude of God’s grace that will outweigh all the failures.

Several of us have been walking very closely with Bruxy and his family through this.  We believe the time is right to be open with all of you about two of his major needs.  


First, please pray.  Pray for their personal healing, for healing and reconciliation between all parties involved and impacted, and pray for wisdom for all involved including lawyers, judges, and people providing support. Pray. There is a lot at risk with this criminal case, notwithstanding this could be a precedent-setting case for Canada, it also has the possibility of leaving Bruxy and also his family financially devastated for a lifetime.

So here is the second need: Would you help financially?  Whether you want to give to support Bruxy, or because you feel this is an unjust charge, or simply because you value the content of 1820 - please give. There is a lot at stake. Bear in mind – this is a gift to dear friends, not a donation that will provide you an income tax receipt, but you will have made a critical investment in the lives of this brother. You can give through the DONATE button below (paypal will take a fee), or e-transfer directly to a legal defense account set up at the TD Bank solely to support Bruxy’s legal expenses, using email  


If you prefer to speak with one of us about any of this, just send a note to the same email:
We know that God uses broken people for a broken world.  Pray that God will use Bruxy in the same way. We believe that is already happening. Thank you for considering these requests. God bless you this Christmas season.
Friends of Bruxy & Family

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