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How You Can Help

Here are three things you can do that will help me, and hopefully help others as well... 


1. PRAY As I say on my "About" page, thank you for praying for me and my family. While I try to rebuild what I've broken, repent of what I've done wrong, while also defending myself against accusations of things I have not done, my emotional energy is low and need of grace is high.

2. PARTICIPATE Thank you for your feedback, in person or through this site. Although I have had to turn off public comments on posts for now, I always want to keep learning and growing together and I appreciate the messages I continue to receive from so many of  you. You can also participate by starting your own discussion group and/or sharing these studies with others - see our Small Church page for more on this. 

3. PARTNER Since many of you have asked about how you can support me and my family, I have consulted with my accountability community and made a donate button available - see below. (This idea, and even this wording, has been developed in submission to those who are walking with me, and I am so grateful for their leadership in my life.) I have repeatedly applied for and failed to get a variety of kinds of employment, probably because of the mixture of true and false information about me online. And so I extend humble gratitude to anyone wishing to make a one-time and/or monthly donation to help this project move forward.

Thank You!

Your grace is precious to me. I am not a registered charity and cannot offer receipts. I can only offer immense gratitude for your kind support of the research and writing I'm doing here.

With hope for a brighter future. 

Grace, Mercy, & Peace,


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